School Pictures by Kurt Nielsen Photography

You probably already know that I do Senior Portraits, but did you know I also do school photos?
School Class Pictures
I can do photos for pre-schools, elementary schools, junior high schools and even smaller high schools. Instead of just one photo to choose from, I usually give a choice of four different poses similar to these:
School Picture                        Elementary School Pictures
Back to School Pictures                        School Photographer
Also, did you know that if your school has a designated photographer for their yearbook photos, you do not have to purchase photos from that photographer, you can go any where you want?  I also can do yearbook photos for the schools that do not mandate where your child has to go!
School yearbook pictures                        School Photography
For senior portraits, we can just stay in my studio,
High School Pictures                        High School Yearbook Pictures
or we can go outside, or do both.
High School Photos                        School Photo Packages
They can look more traditional,
High School Pictures                        High School Senior Pictures
or we can be very creative and unique!
School year photos
School Yearbook Pictures
School class photos

Now is the time of year when the schools are choosing who will do their school photos for next year.  Call your school and request they have Kurt Nielsen Photography for their official school or yearbook photographer!  Your child’s school can reach me at (419) 885-7153 for more information or to schedule your child’s school picture day!

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