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Kristen and Michael were married on September 24, 2011 at Grace Lutheran Church in Fremont, OH.

My day began by taking photos of the church decorations and the Bride’s dress and accessories.  Then a few photos of the bride and groom getting ready.
Church Pew Bows

Picture of Wedding Dress

Wedding Hair Accessories

Bride's Shoes

Bride's Purse

Bride's Jewelery

Peacock Feathers in Bride's Bouquet

Decorate the Bride's Purse

Decorated Flower Girl Baskets

Decorated Ring Bearer Pillow

Wedding Guest Book

Doves at Weddings

Decorations for Outside the Church

Hairstyles for Brides

Wedding Ring Pictures

Pinning on Groom's Boutonniere

Funny Pictures of Groom

Putting on Bride's Veil

Bride's Wedding Shoes Photos
Once everyone was ready, we started taking some of the formal photos with the bride and her bridesmaids.
Long Teal Bridesmaids Dresses

More than one flower girl

Bride's Wedding Dress

Memory Table at Church
Before we knew it, it was time for the wedding to begin.
Multiple Flower Girls at Weddings

Walking the Bride down the Aisle

Who gives this woman

Grace Lutheran Fremont

Vows exchanged at weddings

You may now kiss the bride

Bride and Groom Photographer

A quick kiss
After the ceremony, everyone left the church and headed outside for the Balloon and Dove release.
Bride and Groom Exiting the Church

Pictures of Dove Release

Dove Release at Weddings

Wedding Dove Release Photos

Doves at Weddings

Balloon Release at Weddings
After the dove and balloon release, the newlyweds made a quick toast to their guests.
Couple toasting guests

Bride and Groom toast to wedding guests
We headed back into the church for the rest of the formal shots of the bride and groom, wedding party and their family photos.
Memory Table at Church

Family Pictures at Weddings

Artistic Wedding Photographer

Groomsmen with Bride photos

Groom Photos

Bridesmaids with Groom Pictures

Weddings at Grace Lutheran Fremont Ohio
We did a few quick pics outside the church and then walked across the street for some more “urban” looking photos.
Fremont Grace Lutheran

Formal Wedding Portrait Photographer

Creative Wedding Photographer

Candid Wedding Photographer

Traditional Wedding Photographer

Modern Wedding Photographer

Contemporary Wedding Photographer

Natural Light Wedding Photographer

Available Light Wedding Photographer

Urban Wedding Photographer

Candid Wedding Photographer
After all of the photos were taken at the church, the wedding party hopped on the party bus and headed to their favorite stop, The Depot for some pizza!
What to Do after Ceremony and Before Reception

Wedding Party Ideas

The Depot Pizza Fremont Ohio
We then headed to the Reception at the American Legion, but on the way, we stopped on the suspension bridge for some unique photos.
Fun Wedding Ideas

Unique Wedding photographs

Mardi Gras Wedding Theme

Romantic Wedding Portraits
Once we arrived at the reception location, I ran inside to take some photos of the decorations Kristen and Michael used to personalize their wedding.
Bridal Party Dates for Weddings

Peacock feathers on Wedding Cake

Teal Wedding Table Decorating Ideas

Memory Table for Wedding Reception

Bridal Party Grand Entrance
It was finally time for the bridal party’s grand entrance into the reception.
Brides's Parents Entrance

Groom's Parents Entrance

Flower Girl dresses

Ring Bearer Entrance

Crazy Groomsmen Ideas

Bride and Groom Entrance

Bridal Party Table Decorating Ideas

Fun photos of the bride and groom

Silly wedding photo ideas

DJ Rusty Sleek Bowling Green Ohio

Pouring the Champagne

Fremont Ohio American Legion

All because two people fell in love
After the bride finally got a look at her beautiful cake, it was time for dinner.
Wedding Cake first look

Buffet Dinner at Wedding Reception

Bridal Party Buffet Line

Bride and Groom Dinner
The groomsmen’s dates must have been famous models because they didn’t eat a thing and everyone kept watching them and taking pictures.
Fun dates for weddings
Kristen and Michael even had an activity table for the kids at the reception.
Children at weddings
After dinner, it was time for the Maid of Honor and Best Man’s toasts to the newlyweds.
Best Man toast to the groom

Maid of Honor Toast to the Bride

Toast to the Bride and Groom
Then it was time for the dancing to begin starting with the Bride and Groom’s first dance, the bridal party dance,  then the father-daughter and mother-son dance.
Bride and Groom's first dance

first dance for bride and groom

Wedding Party Dance

Father Daughter Dance at Weddings

Mother Son Dance at Weddings

Fun Wedding Reception Photos

Silly Wedding Pics
Next on the itinerary was the cutting of the wedding cake!
Wedding Cake Photographs

Cutting the Wedding Cake pics

Cake smash photos

Bride and Groom cake smash
After cleaning up from their cake fight, it was time for more dancing and fun.
Dancing at wedding receptions

Flower girl and Junior bridesmaid

Wedding Party Dances

Cake toppers for wedding cakes
The bouquet and garter toss came next and the groom was very creative when getting the garter off the bride’s leg.
Bride tossing the bouquet

Groom having fun getting garter

Wedding Garter

funny garter photos

Funny Marriage pictures

Groom tossing the Garter
Here are the catchers of the bouquet and garter.
Who caught the bouquet and garter
Kristen and Michael even had candy for the kids to catch.
Ideas for children at weddings

Activies for kids at wedding reception
Back to more dancing and wedding shenanigans.
Candid photos from weddings

DJ props at weddings

Table decorations with feathers

Wedding Photographer Candid photos
Instead of doing a long ‘dollar dance’, the bride and groom chose to do a Dash for Cash.  This is where the wedding party runs through the crowd collecting money for the bride and groom in a short amount of time.
Wedding Dash for Cash

Ideas for Wedding Reception Fun

Raising money for honeymoon
I don’t usually post so many candid photos from weddings in my blog, but Kristen and Michael had so many good ideas and funny things going on that I just had to post them.  Of course, there were a few that I couldn’t post also!
Crazy costumes at weddings

Fun things to do at weddings

Funny things at weddings

Dancing on Table tops

Wedding Shenanigans
I have seen many drinking games and ideas at weddings, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this.
Drinking games

Beer Bong at weddings

DJ Rusty Sleek kept the party going with lots of dancing.
Dancing photos of bride and groom
And what wedding would be complete without the men in the bridal party dancing to the YMCA in their underwear and singing to the crowd!
Dancing to YMCA

Singing to the happy couple
After the reception was over, the wedding party hopped back onto the party bus and headed to their favorite watering hole for one last group photo opportunity.
Bride and Groom Transportation

Candid Group Photos from Weddings
Congratulations Kristen and Michael from Kurt Nielsen Photography!  May you celebrate many happy years together!
Unique Wedding Portraits

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Kendra and Merritt’s 2nd Wedding Anniversary by Kurt Nielsen Photography

Toledo Wedding Photographer Best of the Knot
Kendra and Merritt were married on December 5, 2009 at St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Church.  Today is their 2nd wedding anniversary.  To help them celebrate, here a few photos from their wedding day.
Church Weddings at St. Patrick's

Catholic Candle Lighting Ceremony

Purple Bridesmaids Dresses
Congratulations Kendra and Merritt from Kurt Nielsen Photography!  May you celebrate many more anniversaries!  (and have lots of kids!)
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