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This is part 7 in our blog series “How much will your wedding cost?” and this part is about your wedding attire.  As with all the blogs in this series, I am using as a resource for the facts and figures listed in this blog.  As stated in part one of this series, the website listed the Toledo Brides and Grooms spent $557 to $928 for average wedding attire and between $1,113 to $1,484+ for designer or custom items.  As stated in previous posts, the website does not list how many brides and grooms responded to the survey.  By looking at these figures, I’m guessing that there were not many because this seems very low and does not equal the rest of the figures listed on the report for this category.  Also, as with my past posts in this series, all figures listed are for Toledo, OH weddings and may be different for the suburbs or outlying areas.
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Every bride dreams of her wedding dress and how gorgeous she will be walking down the aisle, but how much will it cost?  This of course depends on your taste and where you shop.  According to the Cost of Wedding website, Toledo Brides spend between $708 and $1,180 for an average wedding dress while spending between $1,416 and $1,888 for a designer gown.
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Have you seen the reality TV show “Say Yes to the Dress?”  A Pnina Tornai gown purchased from Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City, as frequently seen on the show, could cost you thousands of dollars.  At the same time, a gown purchased on sale at a wedding boutique or one purchased from a consignment shop like my neighbor Dream Designs Bridal Outlet & Consignment Shop can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.  Not thrilled with the idea of purchasing from a consignment shop?  Did you know that most of the gowns have never been worn?  Many times a bride that purchases a gown but does not go through with the ceremony or finds a different one to wear will sell the unused gown at a consignment store.  Consignment stores also purchases gowns that other stores or distributors do not sell because they may have over-ordered or anticipated a higher volume of sales.  Because consignment stores purchase gowns at a lower price than other bridal shops, they can sell the dresses at a lower price.  No matter where you choose your gown, if you have to order it, make sure that you do so with plenty of time for the dress to be made and shipped and also allow time in case alterations are needed.  Also allow in your budget for the alterations whether you think you may need them or not, just in case because you may lose or gain weight from all of the stress from planning the wedding.  These alterations could cost hundreds of dollars depending on what needs to be done.  You may also need for your gown to be professionally pressed so don’t forget to include that in your budget.  Always ask the store what is included in the purchase price so there are no surprises in your purchase.
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According to, Toledo brides spend between $65 and $109 for their veil or headpiece while spending between $131 and $174+ for designer or custom veils or headpieces.  But that’s not the only accessories that you will need.  The website has a separate category for this and states that local Brides spend between $90 and $150 for average accessories and spend between $180 and $240 for custom or designer accessories.  However, it does not state what these accessories are.  I’m guessing that the shoes are included along with your garter.  However, you may also need a slip or crinoline to go under your gown, a jacket or wrap for cooler weather, a purse or clutch, and don’t forget your other undergarments.  Your wedding shoes are necessary for pictures but you may want a second more comfortable pair to wear for the rest of the evening so make sure this is included in your budget along with the garter that gets tossed.
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The groom is part of the wedding also and needs to be dressed, so let’s not forget him in the budget.  According to the website, Toledo Grooms spend between $122 and $203 for the tux purchase or rental and between $243 and $324+ for the designer labels.  They also spend between $60 and $100 for accessories and between $120 and $160+ for custom or designer accessories.  When renting or purchasing a tuxedo, it’s important to find out what is included in the price.  Many tuxes come with either a vest or cummerbund.  The vest is for a more formal look and the cummerbund is a more relaxed look.  If the tux does not come with either, make sure you add this to your budget.  The tux should also come with a tie, shirt, cuff link and stud set (pieces of jewelry that are used instead of buttons on a formal shirt), and suspenders if needed.  Shoes, socks and pocket silks are usually extra.   However, depending on the store where you choose to rent or purchase the groom’s tux, these all may be add-ons so be sure to check with the store.  Many stores also have deals where if you rent so many tuxes for the bridal party that the groom’s tux is either discounted or free, so be sure to find out the store’s policy on this when figuring it in your budget.
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This is the seventh part in a series of several blog posts regarding the cost of a Toledo wedding.  Look for the next blog post about entertainment coming soon.   Feel free to post any comment or question you may have to let me know if this is helpful to you for planning your wedding.

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Feel free to post any comment or question you may have to let me know if this is helpful to you for planning your wedding.