Toledo Wedding Photographer | Janelle and Alex | Engagement

Toledo Engagement Photographer
Janelle and Alex came home to Toledo the week before their wedding.  Because they lived out of state, they couldn’t get their engagement pictures taken earlier.  They wanted some photos of them together and with their dog that weren’t wedding pictures  So when they came home, we did their engagement portrait session the day before their wedding.  Here are a few of the great images we captured just for them.
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We also had fun with my green screen set.
Toledo Portrait Studio that does Green Screen

Green Screen Engagement Photography
We had a great session and they are such a fun couple!
Toledo Wedding Photographer Engagement Pictures
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Toledo Wedding Photographer | Amber and Rob | Maumee

Toledo Wedding Photographer 0001
Amber and Rob were married on May 19, 2012 in a beautiful (and short) late afternoon outdoor ceremony on the terrace at The Pinnacle in Maumee, OH.  The reception was held in the elegant grand ball room inside The Pinnacle where the couple’s love for video games was evident throughout the night.

My day started in the afternoon with the bride and bridesmaids getting ready followed by the groom and his guys also getting ready.
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Floral Bridal Headpiece

Bridal Make Up Artist

Wedding Gift bag for bride

Bride Magazine

Intimate Moments of Bride and her Mom

Finishing Touches of Bride Make-up Photos

Dream Designs Bridal in Sylvania

White Tuxedo for Wedding

Wedding Tux Cufflinks

Purple Tie for Wedding

Father of the Groom Photos with Groom

Groom getting ready pictures

Putting on Tuxedo Ties

Tuxedo Shoes

Groom Pictures before the wedding

Blue Nile Diamonds
The bride and groom wanted to do a few “No Look” photos before the ceremony, and it worked out perfectly because the bride wasn’t quite ready yet when it was time to do them.
No Look Photos before the ceremony
While the bride and her bridesmaids were finishing getting ready, I took some photos of the details and then the formal photos of the groom with his groomsmen.
Photos of the Groom Getting Ready

Cherry Lane Cakes

Anniversary Cake at Wedding

Cake and Bouquet Photos

Cherry Lane Cakes Toledo

Lilac Bridesmaid Bouquet

Traditional Escort Cards Place Cards

Groom's Boutonniere

Seating Chart for Reception

Groomsmen Boutonniere

Formal Photos of the Groomsmen

Photos of the Groom and Best Man

Funny Photos of the Groom

Maumee Wedding Photographer

Toledo Wedding Photographer 0002

Wedding Photography in Toledo 01
Then it was back inside to check on the bride and photograph her putting on her dress and photos of her wedding accessories.
Purple Wedding Dress

Non Traditional Wedding Dress

Wisteria Purple Renaissance Wedding Dress

Beautiful Blooms by Jen

White Satin Wedding Shoes

Blue Wedding Garter

Lilacs in Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Shoes for Bride

Mario Brothers Pin

Sentimental Items Pinned to Wedding gown

Wedding Wrap

Wedding Veil
It was time for the wedding to start so I headed outside and took some more photos along the way.
Personalized Wedding Favors M&Ms

Traditional Wedding Guest Book

Photos of Guests Mingling at Wedding

Harp to Harp Toledo

Groom waiting for the Bride Photos

Wisteria Purple Bridesmaids Dresses

Pictures of the Groom waiting for the Bride

Wisteria and White Wedding Gown

Here comes the Bride

Purple Wedding Gown Sash

Father giving away the Bride

Family performing wedding ceremony

Wedding Vows

Non Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Photographer Toledo

Exchanging Wedding rings

The Wedding Kiss Pictures

Groom Dipping Bride during Wedding Kiss

Just Married Photos

Wedding Photography Maumee Ohio

Emotional wedding photos

Bridal Party Recessional

Wedding Photographer in Northwest Ohio
After the quick ceremony, it was time to do some formal family and bridal party photos while the guests enjoyed the cocktail hour inside.
Kids Activity Table at Wedding Reception

Things for Kids to do at a Wedding

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Toledo Wedding Photographer 0003

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Formal Photos after Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Family Portraits

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Weddings at the Pinnacle in Maumee

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Wedding Pictures at The Pinnacle in Maumee

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We then went inside for the introductions, followed by the wedding toasts and dinner.  Be sure to check out the special cake for the Bride’s Mom and Dad!  Amber and Rob were married on their 40th Anniversary!
Cherry Lane Cakes Rossford Ohio

Head Wedding Table

Bridal Party Entrance

Bride and Groom Grand entrance

Head Table Seating

Maid of Honor toast

Parents of the Bride Anniversary Celebration at Wedding

Best Man Toast

Wedding Champagne Glasses

Wedding Toast Kiss
After the bride and groom finished their dinner and were waiting for their guests to finish theirs, the bride and groom mingled with their guests and went into their “game room” to relax and enjoy their favorite video games.
Kid activities at a wedding

Candid Wedding Reception Photos

Nintendo Wedding Theme

Theme for wedding reception

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photos of bride and groom with children

fun things to do at weddings

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Babies at weddings
Then it was time for the rest of the “formal” activities: cutting of the cake, bride and groom’s first dance, the bride’s parents’ anniversary dance, the father daughter dance, mother son dance and the tossing of the garter and bouquet.
Personalized Wedding Cake Knife

Wedding Photographer Oregon Ohio

Wedding Photographer Perrysburg 10

Wedding Photographer Sylvania 10

Wedding Photographer Toledo 10

Dance Floor Photos

Bride and Groom's first Dance

Candid Photographer for Weddings in Sylvania

Candid Photographer for Weddings in Perrysburg

Anniversary Celebration at Weddings

Bride Dancing with her father

Father Daughter Dance

Groom dancing with his mother

Mother Son Dance

Tossing the Bouquet

Finding the Garter

Tossing the Garter

I caught the bouquet
Finally it was time for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.  I continued to take photographs inside and outside by the warm fire pit on the terrace, along with photos of the rings.
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Wedding Photographer Toledo 111

Wedding Photographer Sylvania 111

Event Photographer Maumee

Wedding Photographer Maumee 111

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Maumee Wedding at The Pinnacle

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Floating flowers Centerpieces

Toledo Wedding Photographer 11

Wedding Photographer Rossford 111

Wedding Photographer Bowling Green

Wedding Photographer near Maumee

Wedding Photographer near Sylvania
Congratulations Rob and Amber from Kurt Nielsen Photography!
Wedding Programs
Great job to all those that made this day special for the happy couple!

The Pinnacle

Cherry Lane Cakes

Harp to Harp

Decorative Sound

Beautiful Blooms by Jen

Dream Designs Bridal Outlet

Toledo Wedding Photographer 21

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Toledo Wedding Photographer | Mona and Marcus | Southgate MI

Southgate MI Wedding Photographer 01
Mona and Marcus were married in a beautiful ceremony in the outdoor pavilion at the Grecian Center in Southgate, MI on May 5, 2012.  The reception immediately followed the service inside in the Parthenon Room.

I arrived at the hall a little early (around 2:15pm) so I could scope out the grounds because I had never been there before, and so I could get some shots of the details of the reception.
Toledo Wedding Photographer 02

Toledo Wedding Photographer 03

Toledo Wedding Photographer 04

Wedding Seating Chart

Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Cake Southgate MI
I went to where the bride was getting ready so I could get some shots of that and the details of her dress and accessories.
Red wedding shoes

white wedding garter

bride getting ready pics

wedding jewelry

gold wedding rings

yellow gold wedding jewelry

wedding bling

bride getting ready for wedding photos
Before we knew it, it was 3:00 and time to start taking the photos of the bride with her bridesmaids.  We started inside for a couple of quick shots near the statues.
Weddings at the Grecian Center in Southgate Michigan
Then we headed outside for photos in the gazebo.
Toledo Wedding Photographer 08

Southgate MI Wedding Photographer 02

Southgate Wedding Photographer 03

Detroit Wedding Photographer

Toledo Wedding Photographer 11
Then we took a few near the pond and on the bridge.
Black bridesmaids dresses

Candid Wedding Photos 01

Bridge used in wedding photos
We made sure to stop at the playground for some fun shots of the girls.
Detroit Wedding Photographer 02

Toledo Wedding Photographer 12

Toledo Wedding Photographer 13

Southgate MI Wedding Photographer 04
Before we knew it, it was almost 4:00 and time for the guys pics.  While we were going back in, I took a couple of quick shots of the outdoor details.
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gate decorations for weddings
We started the groom and groomsmen photos the same way we did for the girls, at the gazebo.
Detroit Wedding Photographer 04

Detroit Wedding Photographer 05

Detroit Wedding Photographer 06

Detroit Wedding Photographer 07

Detroit Wedding Photographer 07
Photographers tend to take similar poses of the bride and groom and the wedding party because they look better in a wedding album if the portraits are similar.  That’s why I photograph the guys similar to the girls, and this wedding was no different.  After the gazebo, we headed towards the bridge and then the playground with the guys.
Black Wedding tuxes

Detroit Wedding Photographer 08

Detroit Wedding Photographer 09

Fun wedding photos
It was almost time for the 5:30 ceremony to begin so we headed to the pavilion and took a few photos while we were waiting.
Southgate Wedding Photographer 05

Southgate Wedding Photographer 06
I went to go check on the bride one last time and got some great images of her with her parents.
Bridal Portrait Photographer 01

Bridal Portrait Photographer 02
The ceremony began as the groom waited in anticipation for the arrival of his bride.
Southgate Wedding Photographer 06

Emotional Wedding Portraits

Detroit Wedding Photographer 15

Southgate Wedding Photographer 16
For Marcus and Mona’s ceremony, they used a traditional wedding cord or lasso as it is sometimes called.  This cord symbolizes the everlasting union of husband and wife and is in the shape of a figure eight and is a representation of rosary beads.  One loop is placed around the groom and one around the bride and is removed after the religious ceremony is over.
Detroit Wedding Photographer 20

Detroit Wedding Photographer 21

Detroit Wedding Photographer 22

Detroit Wedding Photographer 23

Detroit Wedding Photographer 24

Detroit Wedding Photographer 25

Detroit Wedding Photographer 26
Everyone celebrated with the newlyweds at the end of the ceremony!
Detroit Wedding Photographer 27

Detroit Wedding Photographer 28

Detroit Wedding Photographer 29

Detroit Wedding Photographer 30
Cocktail hour allows for the guests to arrive to the reception site and mingle with the other guests while the bride, groom, wedding party and families have formal wedding portraits taken, and we took full advantage of the hour for family photos, bridal party pictures and romantic wedding portraits on the grounds of the Grecian Center.
Toledo Wedding Photographer 20

Toledo Wedding Photographer 21

Toledo Wedding Photographer 22

Toledo Wedding Photographer 23

Toledo Wedding Photographer 24

Toledo Wedding Photographer 25

Toledo Wedding Photographer 26

Toledo Wedding Photographer 27

Toledo Wedding Photographer 28

Toledo Wedding Photographer 29
We even had lots of time for some more fun photos on the playground.
Toledo Wedding Photographer 30

Toledo Wedding Photographer 31

Toledo Wedding Photographer 32

Toledo Wedding Photographer 33

Toledo Wedding Photographer 34

Toledo Wedding Photographer 35
Finally it was time to head back into the reception hall.  The salads were being served and it was time for the bridal party to make their grand entrance.
Wedding Transportation

Wedding Reception Food

Bride and Groom's grand entrance to the wedding reception
Mona and Marcus went right into the cake cutting.
Detroit Wedding Photographer 40

Detroit Wedding Photographer 41

Detroit Wedding Photographer 42
It was then time for the speeches from the maid of honor, best man and the bride and groom’s fathers.
Southgate Wedding Photographer 10

Southgate Wedding Photographer 11

Southgate Wedding Photographer 12

Southgate Wedding Photographer 13

Southgate Wedding Photographer 14

Southgate Wedding Photographer 15
After the wedding party finished their dinner, they went around the room mingling while waiting for the rest of the guests to finish, stopping occasionally for some photos.
Southgate Wedding Photographer 16

Southgate Wedding Photographer 17

Southgate Wedding Photographer 18

Southgate Wedding Photographer
But the guests were getting restless and wanted to dance!
Detroit Wedding Photographer 41
So began the formal dances with the Mother/Son Dance, Father/Daughter Dance and of course, the Bride and Groom’s first dance.  The bride even danced with her new step-son.
Detroit Wedding Photographer 42

Detroit Wedding Photographer 43

Detroit Wedding Photographer 44

Detroit Wedding Photographer 45

Detroit Wedding Photographer 46
The final formal thing to do at their wedding was the garter and bouquet toss.
Toledo Wedding Photographer 36

Toledo Wedding Photographer 37

Toledo Wedding Photographer 38
It was finally time for everyone to dance, and dance they did!
Toledo Wedding Photographer 39

Toledo Wedding Photographer 40
Congratulations Mona and Marcus and thank you for allowing me to be part of your wedding day memories.
Toledo Wedding Photographer 41

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