Toledo Wedding Photographer: Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Your special day is filled with passion and excitement, laughter and tears, family and friends. Choosing a photographer with over 20 years of professional photography experience and having photographed over 700 weddings means that you know all of those precious moments will be captured. Having a photographer that has extensive knowledge of today’s digital photographic technology means you will receive images that are as unique as you.

My time as your wedding photographer starts with your initial consultation. At our first meeting, we will discuss what options are available with photographing your wedding day, and your expectations of your wedding pictures. We will also customize your wedding package in order to fulfill all of your photographic needs.

Of course, this will not be our only contact before the big day. From previous experience, I know things will change. You may realize that things will not work out as you have previously planned and need to make changes. I am more than willing and able to give you my perspective of how to make things work better when location and timing are at issue; so don’t hesitate to call me with your questions and concerns. I also have no problem working with a wedding planner, if you have one.  I will then meet with you again a couple of weeks prior to your wedding day to finalize your photographic plans.

When the big day finally arrives, I will be with you from beginning to end; capturing all of the details and intimate moments from your wedding and reception, without being intrusive and demanding. And have no fear; I always have back-up equipment, just in case! I will then have your proof slideshow ready for you to view within a couple of weeks after your wedding date. I will also post your pictures on-line for your friends and family to view.

Planning your wedding is a lot of work and can quickly become very expensive. Just remember, down the road, years after your wedding, the only thing you will have left are your memories. Your friends and family probably won’t remember your decorations, or what was served for the meal, or even how your invitations looked or the gifts you gave your guests. Will you remember everything about your wedding and even who was there? With a good professional wedding photographer who can capture all of those memories, you will!

If you need to cut corners on your wedding budget, make sure it’s not on your photographer. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words!

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