Kristi and Zachary’s Fairy Tale Wedding

Have you ever wanted a real fairy tale wedding?  Kristi and Zachary had theirs at Nazareth Hall, complete with Renaissance attire…the Groom’s idea!  Kristi and Zachary and their guests had a great time and it was a lot of fun to photograph!

Instead of serving cake, they served pie!  Cutting the pie….
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Toledo Wedding Photographer: Your Perfect Day

Your Wedding Day is all about you!  My job is to tell the story of your Perfect Day from Beginning to End.

From getting ready:


And don’t forget the dress, shoes, bouquet and accessories!

To the ceremony (of course how much or what I can photograph depends on the rules of your ceremony site)

To your exit from the ceremony:

Then we go back in to take the formal shots: (some can be taken before the ceremony depending on time):

Then the Great Escape:

And don’t forget to make time for stopping at other places for more pictures:

Then it’s off to the reception for all of the festivities:

And all of the intimate moments in between!

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